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Single Cycle sauna

Single Cycle Sauna:

52″ x 40″ x 78″ tall.

Converts to 2-person sauna with regular sauna bench. Plugs into any regular 110V household outlet.


Double Cycle sauna

Double Cycle Sauna:

72″ x 51″ x 78″ Tall

Converts to 3-person sauna with regular sauna bench. Plugs into 220V 20 amp recepitcal.


Triple Cycle sauna

Triple Cycle Sauna:

72″ x 72″ x 78″ Tall

Also ideal for Hot Yoga and other infrared heated exercise. Plugs into 220V 20 amp receptical.


Commercial sizes: Call for a Custom Quote.

Call for a Custom Quote

Cycle Sauna is designed to operate at 78-105F (25-40C). This means you sweat without raising your core body temperature. It does not agitate your heart or lungs like a high temperature sauna can. It is safe for almost everyone, and the fastest way to get fit, detoxify, and improve your health.

Every Cycle Sauna is built by hand to last a lifetime. No glues or plastic that will fall apart, or outgas and smell in the heat.

Cycle Sauna is the preferred brand of sauna for professional athletes, medical doctors and anti-aging specialists.